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Fuller Construction ImagesMaintaining a home is a big responsibility, but it is can also be quite rewarding and profitable when you keep it in great shape and make regular repairs and improvements. However, when you have roof damage your entire home is put at higher risk, which is why it is so important to have a Franklin roofer that you can trust to routinely keep your roof in excellent condition.

If you have lived in Tennessee for a while then you have seen how rough the weather can be. If you stop for a moment just think about how it can impact your roof and the exterior of your home. Hail can do a serious number on your roof but it is frequently unnoticed or disregarded as trivial. The best way to accurately look for hail damage is on top of the roof, but unless you are an expert for roof repair in Franklin, it can be difficult without a trained eye.

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Watch Out For These Warning Signs:

  • Shingle particles in your gutters and downspout drainage areas

  • Damaged shingles such as; warping, curling, cracks, blisters, lifted, and loose shingles

  • Leaking or cracked skylights

  • Missing shingles and/or broken pieces found on the ground

  • Damaged flashing around pipe vents, chimneys, parapets, etc.

We know there are a lot of uncertainties that surround roof damage for many homeowners, so we hope this helps you get a better understanding of the clues to watch out for. The most secure thing that you can do to protect your roof and home is to have it professionally inspected by a roofing contractor in Franklin at least once a year. The two best times of the year are in early spring and late fall but anytime will do if you cannot remember the last time you had it done. Consider it as a health exam for your home.

At Fuller Construction, we recognize that your home is probably your largest investment, which is why we make it our top priority. As a GAF Certified Franklin roofing contractor, we have provided premier roofing, general contracting, and renovation services to the Middle Tennessee area for over a decade. Uncompromising excellence, exceptional customer service, and unwavering professionalism are the key components that define our core values.


Stay at the top of the game and ensure that your roofing in Franklin is always up to par! Our highly-trained roofing specialists will provide you with a FREE INSPECTION AND ESTIMATE and work with you to find the perfect solution for your home.

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